Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Field Notes, Words, and Values

I love Field Notes, as much for the way they communicate as for their fine products. The copy on the Field Notes site is terrific, but their sporadic emails really shine. They’re worth subscribing to simply for writing and marketing inspiration. The tone is friendly and direct.

Today’s email included a great line that says a lot about the company:

Overall, it makes for a sturdy, red, white and blue American memo book that will fit perfectly in any tool box, jeans pocket, messenger bag or pickup truck glove compartment.

Make sure the story you tell about your product includes as many people as possible. It’s easy to let little bits of snobbery and elitism become part of that story. Celebrate your core audience, of course, but always look for ways to broaden that audience, even in the smallest ways.

Field Notes customers may be more likely to be hipsters on bikes than people driving pickup trucks, but this tells me that the company values diversity and believes everyone can benefit from a Field Notes in their pocket. That’s a great story to tell.