Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Five funny things

1. Do you have any idea how funny Laser Hair Removal sounds to 10-year old boy obsessed with Star Wars? The sound effects alone made my weekend.

2. Wired Magazine profiled four body fat scales in the April issue. The title of the section? Chubby Checkers.

3. We used to own a Honda Civic. One night, the three of us were parked outside a friend's house where Ben was going to have a sleepover. Like any family, we began pretending that we were staking the joint. When the family arrived and turned on their porch light, we imagined them saying, "That's a specifically suspicious Civic!"

To this day, that phrase will provoke endless laughter. Try to say it five times fast. No, out loud!

4. Lori has her alarm clock set to play Clocks by Coldplay. As funny as that sounds now, it's slightly less funny at 6:00 am.

5. After watching and learning from 37signals for the past two years, I think we're finally ready to strike out on our own. On April 1st, we'll launch our new web development company, 37psalms. Our first product is a sleek new chat application, similar to Campfire. The name? Kumbaya.