Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

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Lori loves Mighty Girl (and, of course, Mighty Goods). A few months ago, she sent me a link to a very funny post about Mighty Girl's visit to Amsterdam with her husband.

Mighty Girl: I want to marry this city.
Husband: I want to make out with it and tell it I’ll call it later.

I've decided to marry Tumblr :)

Local Or, to continue the theme from my last post, I've spent another week in my blog summer home, met the locals, checked out the restaurants and schools, and decided to move there permanently!

Using Tumblr over the past couple of weeks has been a lot of fun. It's remarkably addictive. Something about its simplicity and brevity encourages you to just use it rather than think about using it. Whereas in TypePad I see a post as a project that I need to set aside time for, Tumblr is just part of my day.

I mentioned before that many people use Tumblr to bring all of their feeds together in one place (tweets from Twitter, status updates from Facebook, photos from Flickr, link blog from Google Reader, etc...). For me, Tumblr replaces all of those things. When I want to do  a tweet or quick status update, I hit F12 (for Dashboard on my Mac), type a sentence or two, and click Post to Tumblr.  A post in 20 seconds - no HTML or formatting needed.

When I read an article or post I want to share, I click Share on Tumblr in by browser toolbar, add a short description, and post it in about 30 seconds. Or, I can post my favorite few sentences as a quote. We recently went to the library and I took a picture of our stack of books on my iPhone, emailed the photo to Tumblr, and it was on my blog a minute after it was taken.

After this post, I will change my blog feed so it uses my Tumblr account as the source. If you subscribe to Leave It Behind via RSS, you don't have to do a thing - you'll start receiving the posts from Tumblr automatically. That's one of the great things about using FeedBurner for RSS feeds - you can easily change the source of the feed without affecting your readers. will still take you right here for now. There's no easy way move my 3.5 years of content without breaking many, many links, so I will have to think that through a little longer.

Starting now, visit for the latest! Tumblr content truly shines on the site itself, so even if you use a newsreader, visit the site now and then to get the full effect. As an example, check out the incredible archive pages.

I'm investigating a possibility for posting comments on the new site, but in the meantime, just shoot me an email if you've got something to say.