Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Free to a good home

Galley copies of The Blogging Church are on their way to the following fine individuals! Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest - it was a huge challenge to narrow the list to just five.


Jonathan Everette

Blair Farley

Jon Sampson

Paul Clifford

The contest did confirm one of my suspicions: the majority of my readers are blogging Christians. On the surface this sounds like a good (and obvious) thing, but it strikes me as a significant failure. Though Christians learning from and growing with one another is a terrific thing, and something that has been made far easier by blogging, my sense is that the Christian blogosphere is becoming insular, this blog included. I never want to have a blog that speaks only to the already convinced. Our natural instinct is to turn inward in everything we do, and a blog is no different.