Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Fun with words

Joe Morgenstern in the WSJ on Bee Movie

Bee Movie isn't a B movies, it's a Z movie, as in dizmal. This animated feature might have been tolerable, though for what demographic I'm not sure, if its hyper vocal star, Jerry Seinfeld, had chosen to drone. Instead, he delivers every line - every stupid bee joke that he and his cronies could cook up - with a pounding, punishing triumphalism that recalls not the Seinfeld of 'Seinfeld' but Milton Berle on a really bad night.
As you may have gleaned from a publicity campaign that's been slightly less invasive than the influenza pandemic of 1918, Mr. Seinfeld's character, a bee named Barry B. Benson, has just graduated from college and can't face a life of making honey.