Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Gifts for Kids

Since Ben's birthday is in September, we get to sample some potential Christmas gifts early. This year, we have been truly amazed by three presents. If you face the challenge of pleasing a 7-12 year old this winter, these may help.

Lego Star Wars [view]

This computer game (Mac, PC, console) is unbelievably fun to play. If you know anyone with even a small love for Legos and Star Wars, they will not be able to resist this. The game has a great sense of humor, a very unique look, and is simple and intuitive. It's also a blast to play - listening to Ben and his friends laughing is so much fun.

Ben dedicated a month of his life to it and loved every minute of it. A second person can join the game at any time, so Ben and I have saved the Republic many times together.

Crazy Machines [view]

This thinking game just came out (Mac, PC). It's like your own physics lab full of over 100 puzzles to solve. You can also create your own puzzles and make them as crazy as you like. Everything is built with real objects, like basketballs, buckets, dominoes, light bulbs, and wood stumps. The graphics are outstanding and everything behaves very realistically. We've only done the first five puzzles, but they've really made us think, while still being very fun.

Making Time for God [view]

Lori and I spent a long time looking for a family devotional, but never got excited by the usual suspects. We wanted something we could read after dinner that we would all enjoy. We were looking for a well-written book that would inspire questions and conversations. We couldn't be happier with this book.

Each day has a verse, a couple of excellent paragraphs that expound on it and apply it to our daily lives, and a simple, beautiful prayer. The book doesn't talk down to kids and is a pleasure to read for all of us. We usually have each person read one of the three sections (yet another reason why three really is the magic number!). We've had some very interesting conversations and all of us learn something each time.

I hope these spark some fun ideas for your shopping season!