Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Gleaming the Queue

A cool, married couple we know passed on a bit of information that was announced in January: Netflix now offers the holy grail of queue management! Yes, at last, you can create different queues for each member of the household and automatically rotate which movies are shipped. Read Hacking Netflix for a complete report.

Here's my plea from last August:

My dream feature would be the ability to categorize movies and then have them shipped according to a sort of category rotation. One family might setup a category for each person and then have it rotate between family members (one for dad, one for mom, one for the kids, then one for dad, etc...). Another house, however, might setup categories based on type (one action, one drama, one comedy, one family, one documentary, etc...). The queue would just send the next available movie in the rotation.

I hope Netflix knows where to send my residuals :)

Unfortunately, I am a committed Blockbuster Online customer due to the great price, in-store coupons, and lightening fast turnaround in the DFW area (1-day each way). I do hope that Blockbuster responds to the competition and releases a major update to their queue in the near future - it is easily the weakest part of the site.

[Bonus points to the person who reveals the title reference.]