Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Go (large, well-funded) Team!

Microsoft recently announced the pricing of the new Team System product, which will replace Visual Source Safe for version control and project management. The price has shocked many development shops who now realize that it is currently intended for very large teams. In addition, Microsoft dramatically changed the MSDN product, reducing the flexibility and greatly increasing the price for most customers.

Read this great post for a thorough overview and links to other commentary [via Scoble].

We no longer have a stake in .NET development, but I have to admit that this makes me feel even better about our decision. These actions confirm that Microsoft is focused on enterprise-level, large team, large corporation development rather than small web teams and start-ups. Obviously, the enterprises is where the money is and they would be foolish to ignore the market, but will the small teams still consider Microsoft when they're no longer small?