Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Grateful Dead Shows

I first discovered the Grateful Dead in my senior year of high school. By college, I was an obsessive listener, especially once I found a fun store at Michigan State that had a huge library of concert tapes that anyone could borrow (yes, they were tapes, not CDs or MP3s).

It wasn't until my senior year, though, that I finally attended my first concert. I followed the incessant rumors of ticket sales and tour dates through, a newsgroup that was my first real exposure to the Internet. Over the next two years, I saw 5 concerts altogether, three with Lori. These were some of my favorite experiences - there really isn't much to compare them to. I think the creativity and originality of the music was what captivated me. No show was like another and each song was different from the last time it was played. The community was also incredibly kind and friendly, even to someone like me who was so unlike the typical Deadhead.

The music is still one of my favorite things to listen to simply because it's so timeless. Thanks to one of the original Internet archive projects, I can listen to these shows or any others online. Here's my list:

3/23/92 The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan
3/24/92 The Palace
3/11/93 Rosemont Horizon in Chicago, Illinois
7/31/94 The Palace
8/01/94 The Palace

If you want to sample one my favorite shows, this Halloween performance from 1991 is outstanding. I'm so glad I was able to be part of that experience before it came to an end, no matter how old it makes me sound when I'm describing it to Ben!