Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Happy Go Apple

Two wonderful pieces of Apple news this week. First, the new Apple Store in Southlake opens this weekend! We are admittedly very spoiled in our area, with multiple Apple Stores within an short distance, but now an Apple fix will be just 15 minutes away.

The second and much more significant announcement is Boot Camp - new software from Apple that allows you to easily install Windows XP on your Intel-based Macintosh. You can now run Windows natively on the same machines as OS X; you just choose your operating system when you boot the machine. [Read the New York Times article].

This will give many people easy access to both worlds. For Ben, this is a dream come true. He could use his favorite OS most of the time (OS X), but reboot into Windows to play the many games that are available for PCs months before the Mac. I'm confident I'll be hearing a lot about how we need to replace our iMac G5 over the next few months.

Many people have written that this development might reduce the motivation for developers to make Mac versions of software. I don't think that will be the case for most software, but I do think this could make an impact in the gaming area. There are very few Mac-only games, but hundreds of PC-only ones. If I'm developing PC games and know that Mac users can simply boot into Windows to play, I'm likely to invest my time and money on the next version, rather than a Mac version.