Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Hidden Dunes

During our Destin vacation, we are staying at the Hidden Dunes Resort. We spent many hours researching and talking to people about the best place to stay, but it is truly a blessing that we find ourselves here; I can't imagine a better location.

Hidden Dunes offers condos, villas, and standard hotel rooms. It is located just east of the main Destin strip and seems somewhat secluded in comparison. The entire property is incredibly well run and immaculately maintained. You really do forget about the rest of the world once you drive through the gate, but the world (as in shopping, movies, and restaurants) is only 5-15 minutes away when needed. One of the nicest things is they only allow residents and guests to enter and the beach is private as well.

We somehow managed to choose a fantastic condo. They do a great job of making each residence seem very secluded, with quiet paths and gorgeous, thick vegetation. Lori gives more details on her blog.

Negatives? Like most places, there is a steep charge for the use of chairs and umbrellas on the beach, as well as the excellent tennis courts. Some of the rooms have access to an outside provider's wireless network, but ours does not. I've generally come to the conclusion that that counts as a positive rather than a negative, however.

Oh, and it's a difficult left turn out of the property to reach places to spend money. That's my definitive list of negatives.

The Hidden Dunes staff is very helpful and friendly. I reported a faucet leak and someone was fixing it before I made it back to our room! Highly recommended!