Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Highrise is here

37signals launched Highrise earlier this week. True to form, it's an impressive debut. This is a seriously talented group of people. As we all know, most web apps launch as early betas and are consistently inconsistent and unstable for months. 37signals doesn't get trapped by hype or artificial deadlines - they launch a product when it's solid and ready to be used from day one.

Highrise is a whole new way of making customers and contacts, whether by yourself, with your team, or throughout your organization. You can track every interaction with an individual or company on one page, including utterly simple email integration. You can also create tasks, associate them with a client, assign them to others, and classify them by type, such as email or phone call. Highrise is designed from the ground-up to eliminate the communication silos and dead ends found in nearly every church, organization, and company.

The launch has been a great success and they've already improved the product based on feedback. It's easy to give Highrise a try with a free account. I've used it for the past two days and found it to be a completely stress free experience - everything is right where you'd expect to be, helpful instructions and tips are always nearby, and you never find yourself confused or frustrated. In other words, it just works. It gets out of your way so you can focused on using your talents instead of using the software.

Whether or not you're interested in the software, take a look at the product tour, examples, and help pages. The care and effort put into these pages blows me away. The marketing reads like help and the help reads like a friendly conversation. You'll notice in the FAQs that the answer is often no, but the answer is kind, respectful, and educates you on why no is a good thing is this case.

A rave like this wouldn't be complete without a groan-inducing, pun-filled marketing blurb, so here it is: Highrise will take your organization to the next level!