Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


According to my handy online dictionary: a confused mixture.

Here's a hodgepodge of weekend notes and links.

1. John Edwards, Democratic candidate for president, will be appearing on Meet the Press tomorrow morning for the full hour. The is the first of their 2008 Meet the Candidates series. Next to the debates, this is an excellent way to learn about each candidate. If you miss it, the transcript and podcast are available later in the day.

Check out this great chart of all the possible candidates in the WSJ.

2. Short, but very interesting article about two Republican mavericks, John McCain and Chuck Hagel, good friends and Vietnam vets who have come to two very different views on the war.

3. Monday is the official beginning of the marketing campaign for the book. There will be a press release and then the book and the release are going to be sent to nearly 150 media organizations. I have no idea what the response will be, but it sounds impressive!

4. The publisher of the book, Jossey-Bass, has a put together a great page where you can view the Table of Contents, the entire index, and read a sample chapter. Have a look.

5. Six wonderful people have posted reviews of The Blogging Church on Amazon. I really appreciate the feedback and kind words! I continue to link to as many of the reviews as possible on the What People Are Saying page. If you've written a review on your blog, it would help if you'd post your thoughts on Amazon as well. Thanks again!

6. Here are the most recent reviews: Paul Neel, Josh McAlister, Jonathan Everette, and Jon Sampson.

7. Tonight, the three of us watched Raiders of the Lost Ark together for the first time. That was easily my favorite movie when I was young and still may be the movie I've seen the most times. I'm amazed at just how good it is - a true classic. The music, acting, relentless storyline, and scenery are all fantastic. It is the quintessential American action movie in my mind, and you can see a lot of what defines America in it.

The disturbing part was when I saw that it was released in 1981. I was eleven years old at the time and remember seeing it in the theatre multiple times. That's the same age as Ben is now!

8. This movie is going to be huge. Really huge.

9. An Interview with one of my favorite soccer players, former U.S. captain Claudio Reyna on his decision to play in America. The U.S. plays Mexico in a friendly Wednesday night on ESPN2.

10. One year ago: Why the titles of your posts matter. Note: Hodgepodge is a very poor example.