Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

How goes the book?

Often when I run into a friend or exchange emails, they will kindly ask about the book. Usually along the lines of "How's the book doing?" or "I haven't heard much about the book lately." I always appreciate the question. It feels a bit like they're asking for an update on my child, as in "How's Ben doing in school this year?", which is fine with me. In many ways, The Blogging Church does feel like a baby of mine (if I were to regularly sell my child for money to complete strangers, which I do not condone). Here's the latest.

I think most authors will tell you that the first three months after a book is published are the most crucial and entertaining. I'm referring here to a normal book, not one destined for the best seller list and backed by a major marketing campaign. The Blogging Church was published at the end of January and had a great launch (thanks to many of you). It briefly landed in the Top 200 on Amazon's best seller list and had a huge number of great reviews and feedback across the web. Those first few months involved a lot of work doing interviews, following up with readers, and promoting the book in various ways.

The book has continued to sell well since then, but after the initial push, the publisher's involvement basically ends and it's up to you and your readers to spread the word. Many of you have done just that - thank you for helping ignite a blogging revolution in churches across the country!

To continue to sell high numbers, you really have to be willing to promote yourself and the book nearly full-time (though you are always limited by the natural size of your audience). This includes pursuing speaking and writing opportunities at every turn and regularly promoting yourself and your consulting services. These are good ways to build your brand, open the door to additional books, and get yourself closer to being a full-time writer/consultant. That's not my focus right now, though I plan on writing another book in the future. My focus is on my career and my family - your time, attention, and passion can only be divided so many ways.

Nearly every day I receive an email from someone who recently read the book and started a new blog or has some questions. It's been incredible to see the impact of the book in so many different churches, denominations, and areas of the country. Many of you are really pushing the envelope of what a church blog can be.

If you've purchased the book in the last few months, let me say thanks! If it helped and entertained you, stop by Amazon and post a quick review. And please continue to share your story, and the story of your church, through blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, and the next big thing.