Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

I Approve This Message

Six Apart released a redesigned website this week which is terrific. Have a look at it here, then read the PR version and Mena's version. They faced a significant challenge in uniting a diverse set of brands under a single banner and in my opinion pulled it off quite well.

Soon after the launch, I started seeing referrals from in my TypePad blog statistics. Curious, I followed the link trail to the source - I am currently featured on the Six Apart site!

If you visit the terribly important TypePad Compare Features page, you'll find a product endorsement from yours truly.

“If you are still searching for a great weblog tool, it is time to try TypePad.”

Be sure to visit soon before I'm replaced by someone more eloquent than me (and by all means, pick up a TypePad trial while you're there if you're still on the fence). As this is my first participation in an ad campaign (I don't even have an agent) I'll have to make sure I don't violate any IRS or trade union regulations.

Of course, I am not a paid endorsee, but I am a more-than-happy-to-do-it one. TypePad is the best there is (though they share the title with Basecamp and NetNewsWire). All are testaments to what happens when good people make good software.