Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

If I could only read 10 blogs

I was going through Top 10 List withdrawal and so I thought of a little experiment. What if I could only subscribe to 10 blogs? Which ones would I choose? What are the 10 blogs I simply can't do without? I thought I'd post my list and then add it to the sidebar for everyone to enjoy.

And then a funny thing happened. I only came up with 8. Now, I read a lot of great blogs, but when forced to choose blogs than I check even if all I have is a web browser, blogs that I truly consider essential, I fell short.

So, that's where you can help. What blogs do you find it hard to go without? Which ones do you check even when you're on vacation? What's the best blog I'm not reading?

The Top 10 8 Blogs I Can't Do Without

8. Hotline on Call

All politics, all the time, by the editors of National Journal.

7. TechCrunch > Michael Arrington

Reviews of the latest Web 2.0 software, along with stories on the companies and people who make them.

6. Evotional > Mark Batterson

Washington D.C. pastor who is joyfully pushing the local church into blogs, theatres, podcasts, and coffee houses. 

5. Creating Passionate Users > Kathy Sierra

What do people want and how do you give it to them?

4. Amy Loves Books

I thank God for Amy everytime I read her blog. She writes about the things you think about while you're going to sleep and talk about over coffee on a Sunday morning.

3. Signal vs. Noise > 37signals

How to build software.

2. Scobleizer > Robert Scoble

You might think it's about technology, but it's really a celebration of people who give everything they have to something they love.

1. Scripting News > Dave Winer

The first blog I ever read and six years later, it is still my favorite.