Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

In and Out of Our Element

Camping_1Ben and I returned today from our first camping trip. A few months ago, we traded in our Honda Civic and brought home an Element. I had been thinking about the Element for nearly a year, but Ben was sold when he learned that the front and back seats could be folded to create two beds the length of the vehicle. Since I did not grow up in a camping family, overnight excursions are not my first instinct, but what could be easier than travelling in your own hotel room!

Camping_2Each year, Ben and I take a father/son trip, usually centered around baseball. We've travelled to Houston, Austin, and Oklahoma City. For our camping excursion, we asked our local expert and settled on Lake Ray Roberts, less than an hour from home. This is a great state park and I highly recommend it. There are playgrounds, bathrooms, showers, and biking and hiking trails.

Camping_3Though it rained most of the time, we were able to have fun exploring, starting a campfire, and playing around the lake. We also had a great time inside the Element, reading, playing games, and listening to playoff baseball on the radio. Sleeping in the vehicle worked out perfect and we loved waking up with a perfect view of the lake.