Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

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It looks like Monday, January 15th is the official release date of the book - The Blogging Church is now in stock at! Anyone who pre-ordered the book should be receiving it shorly. Those of you who were waiting patiently for the Add to Shopping Cart button, your moment has arrived.

Plus, you now have the chance to post your own review. The Amazon reviews for the book are live - your feedback is greatly appreciated! Jim Minatel has posted a review on Amazon and his blog. He provided a goldmine of perspective, criticism and praise.

In the final analysis, it's a great book, one I'm proud to recommend to anyone involved in the ministry especially the 2 pastors at our church I'm sharing it with.

I'm so glad he enjoyed what was my favorite chapter to write, "Build a Really Bad Blog". His thoughts on what is a missing piece of the book are so well said I want to share them here. The book focuses on the role blogs can play in the church when written by staff members or key leaders/volunteers. What it fails to address significantly is the impact of members and attendees blogging. Jim's reasons are:

One, I think the book might have reached an even broader audience by explicitly addressing the when and how of church member blogs. Two, there are more members than staff. Members can put a real face on their spirituality, frailty, humanness through their blogs, things that Brian and Terry point out can help the unchurched be attracted to a church. And as Terry and Brian point out, church staff are already frequently overloaded to the point that regular care and feeding of a blog may just not make their mission priority list. And finally, if you attend a church that encourages you to evangelize the gospel, invite new members, spread the good news, blogging is a great way to do that.

I think he's right. The book would be better and appeal to a wider audience if it addressed this topic as well. I honestly don't know that I have enough insight to offer on that subject yet, but it would certainly be worth exploring. Read Jim's full review here and then go write your own on Amazon!