Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with Ed Cone. Ed is a writer for CIO Insight magazine and is interviewing a couple of churches about how we use the web and technology.

Of course, in the blogosphere, Ed may be better known for his role in North Carolina grass-roots politics and a number of cool conferences, including this weekend's Converge South.

After reading his blog and hearing Dave talk about him for the past couple of years, it was a real privilege to finally speak with Ed. He's a great guy and asks some terrific questions.

We'll see if his article finds its way to print and whether anything I said survives the editor's pen. I thought I definitely could've done a better job. I think he wanted more of a forest view and I may been staring at too many trees yesterday.

Thanks for the opportunity, Ed. Let me know if I can fill in some more blanks (we ran out of time before we could even discuss blogging in the church). Have a great conference and best of luck with your article!