Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Introducing Family Reads!

Our new family project, Family Reads, is now live! We launched early this morning. Visit to get the scoop.

Promo2_120x240 What is Family Reads? A fun site all about the best books for kids. Lori, Ben and I not only all love books, but we love reading books with each other and sharing them with friends. Finding the best books can be a challenge, though. Lori spends hours upon hours scouring Amazon, book lists, and catalogs to find the  truly special ones. It's like living with a children's librarian!

Over the years, we've often bought books for families and friends of Ben, and we inevitably hear, "How did you find this book? I've never heard of it!" or "My daughter doesn't usually like to read, but she loved that book."

We want to share those books and our love for reading with you, along with many clever ideas to help make reading a quiet refuge in your family's busy life. That's why we started Family Reads.

We would also love to include your contributions. We're even supporting a fantastic non-profit through the site. You can find all of the details and much more on the site.

Whenever I think about a blog, I always remember Scoble's idea that the best blogs are passionate and authoritative. We hope Family Reads is a fun, helpful destination for you and your family.

ยป Visit!