Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Is There Anybody (Else) Out There?

Every few months, it seems a new, beautifully designed project launches featuring interviews and profiles of designers.

Cheers and high fives to anyone who pulls it off. Bringing something new into the world is a great thing.

I’m struck, though, by how many of these feature the same group of designers, people who speak and write in high profile venues and who have been profiled many times before. They, too, are wonderful people who have earned their success. Their stories, perspectives, and advice are very valuable.

But there are so many other voices out there. Designers are some of my favorite people. I’m amazed by (and envious of) their talent, but they are endlessly fascinating people, with a unique way of looking at things and wildly diverse interests. Even better, they are humble and honest about their craft and struggles.

We would all benefit from widening the circle of people who we hear from on the topics of art and design. So, I took 5 minutes and put together this list of people for the next project about the life and work of designers. All are delightful and worth hearing from. Plus, they will each tell you about 20 others you should talk to (and insist that they are less talented than all of them).

And Keegan Jones, just because there can never be too much Keegan Jones.