Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Is your church ready to blog?

Andrea Useem, a freelance journalist who blogs at, has written an interesting piece on blogging in the church called, Is Your Church Ready to Blog? The article discusses how blogging can "break down church hierarchies and draw a wider audience into an authentic conversation." It features The Blogging Church as well as an interview with the always thought-provoking Ben Arment. Check out the full article.

Also, if you are short on quality reading material and don't regularly read Ben's blog, do yourself a favor and subscribe. He's the pastor of a cool church in Reston, Virginia and his blog is packed with ideas and insights on a wide variety of topics. We share so much in common (other than, well, the part about being a pastor) that is frightening. Lori always tells me the way Ben thinks reminds her of me, though that doesn't stop her from disagreeing with either one of us. Either way, it's clear both Ben and I married far beyond what we deserve, which is just one more thing we have in common!