Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Join the Journey

I have five galley copies of The Blogging Church that I would love to give away. Technically these are the "uncorrected proofs" (the final version is a bit more polished), but they're largely identical. Here's how to get one.

I have one copy for each of five different people - if you match one of these profiles and want one, just post a comment or send me an email with how you qualify and one sentence on why you want a copy. I'll choose the five people Monday night and announce them soon after. No need to provide your address until the chosen few have been chosen. The book comes with just a single, short, string attached - you agree to write a post or review on the book by February 5th. Just share what you think whether you hate it, love it, or anything in-between.

Here are the five people:

1. You have never written a blog post or had a blog of your own
2. You have been blogging for more than a year
3. You are a church planter at a church that is less than a year old
4. You are on staff at a church with more than 2,000 people attending each weekend
5. You are not a Christ-follower or involved at a church, but still want to check it out

The contest begins now!

Just yesterday we got word that the finished book has arrived in the Wiley Publishing warehouse! Copies will start shipping in just two weeks! You can still pre-order from Amazon.