Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Joy of Riding

BoardwalkThe single greatest gift I have ever received (disclaimer: home-made treasures made by my boy and, other, more philosophical concepts such as life and salvation are not included) is a Bianchi Bicycle, which was given to me by Lori and Ben for my birthday nearly four years ago.

It has been the perfect bicycle. Each time I ride I can't believe how elegant and well-made it is. Riding is easily my favorite form of exercise, primarily because it is peaceful, solitary, fast-paced, and visually entertaining. Let me be clear, my typical ride is only 20-30 minutes close to home; I'm not a true riding enthusiast biking 30+ miles a weekend. But I've found that I can take a quick ride most evenings between the time Ben goes to bed and complete darkness arrives. My mind is always so much clearer afterwards, and I've usually forgotten about most of the things that seemed so important a few hours earlier.

The picture is the current model and is somewhat different than mine, especially the color; my bike is a very unique aqua green.