Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

My manager, Terry Storch, has a great post that seems to resonate with everyone that reads it: Don't Perfect the Irrelevant!

I think each of us can relate to this, both personally and professionally. How much time do we spend on things that aren't part of our core mission? We are all called to accomplish so much is such a small amount of time. One of the easiest ways for us to fall short is to simply work hard on the good things, while the great things are ignored.

What are some examples? The ongoing quest for fully W3C, standards-compliant websites comes to mind. A good thing? Of course. Irrelevant? Completely. Our goal through technology is to be a tool for life-change. We must make our sites fully accessible to as many browsers and platforms as possible (an ongoing challenge), but striving for standards compliance for its own sake is a waste of our limited resources.

The fact is that we must constantly re-evaluate. Take time each week to look at what you and your team are working on and see if the work meets this standard.