Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Kicking and Screaming

We kept our promise and saw Kicking and Screaming on its opening weekend. We wanted to do something fun to celebrate the end of Ben's soccer season. The movie was very enjoyable and all of us had a great time. One of the most wonderful things in life is sitting next to your child and listening to him or her laugh, so any movie that accomplishes this consistently scores well with me. Ben loved it and wanted to practice cool soccer moves as soon as we got home.

If I were perfectly honest, I'd admit that they do such a great job with the trailer that the movie almost serves as the backstory for the trailer. The absolute funniest parts of the film are indeed in those 30-60 seconds, but the rest of it is quite good, and there a number of other good scenes, especially when  a caffeine-addicted Will Ferrell confronts a lady who is taking too long to order at a cafe ("Are we doing this? Are we?"). I still recommend it, especially for families with children in youth sports.

Side note: Do you have any doubt that search engine ranking is a challenge for even the largest corporations? How frustrated do you think Universal Pictures is that a Google search for kicking and screaming returns three other sites before the official one, including an IMDB entry for a 1995 movie by the same name?