Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Last Day

Last Wednesday, May 26th, was Ben's last day of second grade! It is nearly incomprehensible that in just three months he will be a 9-year old third grader!

lastdayHe had a very good year, though I don't know if it quite matched the wonderful experience he had in kindegarten and first grade. He especially enjoyed his time in LEAP this year, as well as his friends, library time, and, of course, lunch and recess.

Lori took the day off to celebrate his last day and we went to see Shrek 2 in the evening.

The picture is from the morning of his last day. To celebrate the end of his baseball season, we bought him his first tank top and then he found a Nike headband, which he's always wanted for some reason. What better way to celebrate your last day (and requisite water balloon party) than by wearing both!