Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Last stop...Canada

The book made it's last stop on its journey and its first across the border. Jason Boucher, a pastor at Lifecentre in Ottawa, received his copy and had some kind things to say.

The biggest compliment I can give the book is that it helped me put language to what I have been doing without really knowing why. Language gives me both context and clarity, which are brilliant.

He also loved the Build a Better Blog chapter and the tip to spend a lot of time reading blogs before you start blogging. Here's the full post. Thanks, Jason!

And with that, the Blogging Church Journey comes to a close. I hope you've enjoyed each of these different perspectives on the book. Here's where it landed over the past two months: Perry Noble, Gary Lamb, Tadd Grandstaff, Tally Wilgis and Ben Arment. Thanks to everyone for being part of the journey!