Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


The all-new Fellowship Connection website is now live! Enjoy all of the CSS goodness! Marvel at the incredible download speeds! Celebrate the cool graphics and bright colors! Experience the one-of-a-kind registration system . . . well, not quite yet.

Yes, we did in fact launch the new site and there is much for you to enjoy. There is only one minor piece missing - registration! We had a very long list of all the pieces that must come together to launch a new site (DNS, SSL, firewall, etc...), but missed one critical element. Our payment processor restricts access to the service by IP address for security purposes. Since this is a brand-new site on a completely different IP scope, our site did not have access to their system.

The great team at Fellowship Technologies has already enabled the service, so by the time most of you read this, all should be well. Just another helpful reminder that there's always something you miss.

Let us know what you think!