Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Leaving a Trail of Links

MyBlogLog is a new free service for tracking which links are clicked on your site. The tag line is, "Know what makes your readers click." It takes less than 5 minutes to setup (particularly if your using TypePad Pro) and provides a great deal of helpful information [via 43Folders]. I love it already!

The site has already earned my respect for two reasons. First, they have one of the fastest and cleanest sign-ups that I've seen (you don't even have to wait for an email confirmation).

Second, they offer a free version and a paid/pro version. During your first trial week, you automatically receive the pro service. Here's the cool part - after your trial is over, your account reverts to the free version unless you request otherwise. Rather than force you to take action in seven days to prevent yourself from being charged (and surely lose many curious people who would otherwise give the service a try), they place the responsibility on themselves and assume that you won't want to give up the pro features. Now that's being a good web citizen!