Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Less is More

When you're comparing desktop or web applications, repeat after me...

More features does not mean better
More features does not mean better
More features does not mean better

I see this all the time, most recently in the reaction to Writeboard. So many people tend to think that because one application has more features, it is clearly better.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Software development isn't a game that's won by having one more feature than your competitor.

Of course, sometimes more features is indeed better. If you have a serious need for a feature and an application doesn't have it, then find one that does. And if someone has incorporated a large number of features into a powerful application in an elegant way, that is certainly a good thing.

But don't assume that more features alone make one app better than another. And don't assume that an application is missing features because the developers ran out of time, have limited skills, or are clueless about what people want.

The best developers wear a missing feature like a badge of honor. They know the benefits of focused software - happy customers who love to not feel overwhelmed and happy developers who aren't drowning in a sea of needless complexity.

Don't tell me what you're doing. Tell me what you're not doing.