Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Mark Your (Backpack) Calendar

At last, the calendar for Backpack from 37signals is ready to go live! Thanks to Rex Hammock (and Dave Winer), we know that the roll-out has begun. The feature has not appeared within my account as of yet, but the site has been unavailable more than once this evening, so it looks like the release is in progress.

Check out this great overview page for all the details and some terrific demos. According to the site, the calendar will not be part of the free Backpack account, which seems appropriate. I would expect that they will see a high number of account upgrades over the next few months. 37signals does an excellent job of providing free accounts and good incentives for paying ones.

Of course, an online calendar is not exactly a new thing, or even a killer app in and of itself. In fact, Google's Calendar is very similar and I've been using it happily for the last two months. The key to this calendar is the simplicity, the lovely look, and most importantly, the fact that it is part of Backpack itself - one site for every note, reminder, list, file, and calendar - all shared anyway you like. Very sweet.

Now, I just need to actually use it to see if any of this is true :)