Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Mary Cheney

Here are two terrific editorials on the controversy regarding John Kerry's use of Mary Cheney during the final presidential debate, one by William Kristol and the other by William Safire.

It looks like this issue has legs, not only with Republicans, but with voters in general. The three most salient questions for me are:

1. Why didn't Kerry choose to name any of the prominent gay public figures who support him when he wanted to provide a personal story?

2. Why would Kerry presume to speak on behalf of another candidate's children?

3. Why would the Democrats choose to fight this battle and refuse to offer an apology?

Imagine if 24-hours after the debate Kerry had said, "When I referenced Mary Cheney last night, I simply wanted to do so with graciousness, honoring the Cheney's for their love and support of their daughter. If I failed to do that, I apologize to the Cheney family." The decision to not admit any wrongdoing, and in fact go on the offensive, has only prolonged the matter and made Kerry appear even more insensitive.