Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Microsoft Update

Scoble has kind things to say about Scoble, Microsoft, and Politics:

Brian shows that in today's society we can find a way to communicate, even when we're on different belief systems. In society today we get so polarized and we don't look for ways to work together.

I'm glad that Brian noticed that I can work together with those who I disagree with on some issues. We forget to do that sometimes in our arguing over ideas.

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I would love to see debate and conversation instead of endless attempts to demonize those who you disagree with. Listen to the different ideas, respect another perspective, and do your best to make your case.

If you don't respect those you disagree with, you will never have the chance to change their mind.

As I wrote a few months ago:

What do we gain from almost exclusively reading the words of people who are exactly like us? Who is going to challenge us, change us, and make us uncomfortable?

Bill Gates indicates the company may reconsider when the bill comes to a vote again.  "We certainly have a lot of employees who sent us mail," Mr. Gates told The Seattle Times. "Next time it comes around that'll be a major factor for us to take into consideration."