Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

More Birthday Fun

The end of Ben's 9th birthday party included breakfast (yet another hotel advantage - free breakfast!) and a second trip to the pool. After some relaxing reading and project time, we had our family birthday celebration, which in this case, primarily means that we gave Ben his gifts. Lori and I each picked out a book to share with him. My choice was Election Connection, a great book on presidential campaigns and voting created by Nick and featuring many of Ben's favorite characters. We've already read a lot of it together.

The main gift this year was a full Erector set. We've wanted to get this for him for the last couple of years and finally decided that he was old enough. It is a great set, including nearly all metal parts, a motor, tools, and terrific instructions on 25 creations.

So, Ben and I sat down for nearly three hours of pure bliss - he and I building one of the models together (a working catapult, which we were thrilled to finish) while watching a terrific 1-0 Texas Ranger victory over Anaheim. It was almost hard to tell whether it was his birthday or mine!