Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

More songs and a few links

Believe it or not, my post on the Top 10 Songs About Kids was originally going to include just five. Now, I actually have a few left over. Here are some honorable mentions:

Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
Apron Strings by Everything But the Girl
Teddy Bears' Picnic performed by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman

Here are a few interesting reads for the weekend.

Pencil Pusher - hilarious post by my lovely wife about elementary school addictions.

Reagan's Favorite Sitcom - great article on Slate about Family Ties and it's odd role in political history. I found out about it because the author, David Haglund, links to my post about the show in the piece.

Ryan Howard, No Asterisk - lengthy NYT piece on baseball's newest slugger to get you in the mood for spring training.

Whose Bed is it Anyway? - another from the Times, this one on the increase in older children sleeping in the parent's bed. It's always a risk when the marriage becomes secondary to the children, something all of us struggle with.