Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

More than Incredible

The family and I went to see The Incredibles tonight to celebrate Ben's report card. It's become a bit of a tradition with each report card to share a family movie night of some kind. Tonight may have been the best one yet.

The Incredibles is truly a fantastic movie. I am amazed with each new Pixar film at the attention to detail, as well as the attention to the story. Each film has built on the one before, pushing both the animation and the story's depth and heart further. Whereas nearly every company attempts to develop a single successful formula and then repeat it endlessly (see Chicken Soup for the Astronaut's Soul), Pixar refuses to become predictable. The similarity to Steve Job's other company is obvious.

The film itself is beautiful to look at, exciting, funny, and terribly interesting. The characters are infinitely more complex and original than the typical short, annoying sidekick. And any film that employs Sarah Vowell for her voice has my respect for a lifetime. Only Pixar would obsessively pursue the right voices for each character (including Holly Hunter) rather than simply sign the biggest names for the movie poster. In another nod to the total focus on the story, the voice actors are not promoted on the print pieces, or at the start of the movie. In fact, the names appear about five minutes into the credits and are onscreen for less than 20 seconds.

Each of the Bailey's loved every minute of this film. For more rave reviews, visit Wired and Roger Ebert.