Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

More Tools of the Trade

There's no doubt about it - geeks love lists! Jason at 37signals decided to address one of the most common questions he gets by posting the answer on Signal vs Noise. The question? What do you guys use for <insert tool>?

The list will be of great interest to anyone involved in web development. It covers everything from text editor and payment gateway to web hosting and accounting. The one question that isn't addressed is which database is used on the backend. I'm still hoping to get an answer to that one.

Reading through the list reminded me of a similar post I did in June: Tools of the Trade. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a few of those items have changed in the past six months. Here are the updates.

Chats: We ended up building a slick, simple chat solution because our needs were so specific. We were really looking for a moderated Q&A tool more than a true chat room.

Forums: We haven't had a need to implement a forum yet, but now I would be more inclined to use PunBB over phpBB, though both are more than adequate.

Photo Albums: I thought SimpleViewer was cool, but, oh my, SlideShowPro is a dream come true.

Everything else is exactly the same. What are your favorite tools?