Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

My Aggregator Ate My Homework

Here's something cool. My son is in third grade and takes part in a neat program his school offers called Leap. He spends about three hours a week with a smaller group of kids focusing on creative, challenging projects. Each year, much of their effort is spent on a research project, growing in complexity as he gets older. This year, he choose the subject of geysers and has been reading and taking notes for the past two months.

The next step is to write the final report and design a presentation. Here's where things get interesting. He has many options for his presentation, from traditional report, to PowerPoint, to a sculpture, play, or poem. Ben is going to create a weblog featuring the fictional journal of an explorer searching for the ultimate geyser. The weblog will be a series of posts detailing his quest, part fiction (the search) and part research (details on the geysers and their locations). He's also planning on creating a photo album from the many websites he's visited.

I thought this was a very clever use of weblogs. And kudos to his teacher for being open to it. I'll post a link when it's complete.