Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

New Design

To welcome the new year, I recently designed a new look for Those of you who subscribe to the feed, take a quick second and have a look around. Yes, the site is even simpler than it was before. I hope my love for minimalism doesn't take too much away from the reading experience. If anything, I hope the design will make it a more pleasurable experience.

Other than continuing my quest for a clean look, the other purpose of the redesign was to end my use of TypePad's advanced templates. I want to be able to quickly change the look of my site, including the layout and sidebar content, and that's just not possible with advanced templates. Of course, you can't control what RSS feed the browser will auto-discover without advanced templates (if you're using FeedBurner for instance), but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Unless you have mad skills (or easy access to someone who does) or don't change the look or content of your site often, I don't think advanced templates are worth the investment.

Enjoy the new look, and enjoy the new year!