Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Newsgator Set Free

Newsgator now offers its slick online edition for free! Newsgator makes a terrific Outlook edition that allows you to integrate RSS with your email. I used the product for nearly an year without problem. Only my move to the Mac (and NetNewsWire) for my reading and writing pulled me away.

I have experimented with the online version and I must say it compares very well to its main, free, online competitor, Bloglines. It is a bit more intuitive and I find the interface more appealing. You can read all of your unread posts in a single, date-sorted view. The Web Edition is also an interesting example of a full ASP.NET site.

Nevertheless, there are a few missing pieces. I noticed right away that you have the choice of viewing current posts (read or unread) or older posts. Unlike Bloglines, you cannot choose different time frames such as one day, week, or month.

Newsgator Web Edition is definitely worth experimenting with. Import your subscription list (OPML) and give it a try. Thanks to Scoble for the news.