Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition


This year's Creative Church Conference at Fellowship Church has come and gone. C3 is easily one of the highlights of the year for everyone on staff and this year was no exception. There is nothing quite like the energy of 2,000 people all gathered together for one purpose - to better reach our communities for Christ.

Our two web sessions on Thursday, WWW: Web, Weblogs, and What's Next, went very well. Terry and I had the chance to speak with over 100 church staff and volunteers on how Fellowship utilizes the web across our diverse ministries. We started each session with a 25 minute presentation, then opened the floor for questions. Out of the 100+ people, I would guess that 50 had heard of weblogs and 20 actually had a weblog of their own.

The questions were great, covering workflow, the use of volunteers, content management alternatives (Contribute and Mambo Server were both raved about), and the debate over our recent switch to QuickTime streaming. I also had the chance to tell the story of Scoble visiting Fellowship. Scoble should be happy to hear that he was discussed at a church conference!

The general sessions with Ed Young, Andy Stanley, and Rob Bell were fantastic. Be sure to check-out Terry on each of the sessions.