Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Obama is still "stuck at deuce"

Hillary Clinton has won Pennsylvania by at least 10 points and like Punxsutawney Phil has guaranteed another six weeks of campaigning. I thought it would be closer, and hoped it would be close enough to justify her leaving the race. No such luck.

As much as Obama's nomination retains its sense of inevitability, this is not good news for his campaign. At this point in the race, with so much momentum and money on his side, why do a majority of Democratic voters continue to keep Obama at arm's length? State after state has had the opportunity to end the race and each time, the vote has gone to Clinton.

I have to agree with the Clinton camp at this point. There is no reason for her to drop out and her continued success (even built on so much unpleasantness) shows that Obama has some serious weaknesses as a candidate. Unfortunately for the Democrats, after each election the number of voters who say they'll vote for John McCain if their candidate doesn't win goes up.

If you want to understand the state of the never-ending race, look no further than today's column by Maureen Dowd - Wilting Over Waffles. It's a brilliant and entertaining piece. There are so many terrific lines I could quote the whole piece, but I'll limit myself to these two:

Her message is unapologetically emasculating: If he does not have the gumption to put me in my place, when superdelegates are deserting me, money is drying up, he’s outspending me 2-to-1 on TV ads, my husband’s going crackers and party leaders are sick of me, how can he be trusted to totally obliterate Iran?

Despite all his incandescent gifts, Obama has missed several opportunities to smash the ball over the net and end the game. Again and again, he has seemed stuck at deuce.

Read the whole column for more. There's even a quote from Dr. Seuss.