Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

One blog fits all

Phil Crissman writes a great blog on a number of different topics. A few months ago, he decided to create a second blog to focus on his spiritual writing while his original blog continued to be dedicated to the web, programming, and Linux. He recently ended his experiment and will keep one blog, filled with whatever comes to mind, no matter the subject.

This is one of the many interesting questions about blogging. Is it better to have multiple blogs, each focused on a specific topic or audience, or one blog covering all of your diverse thoughts and interests? In my mind, the determining factor is whether your goal is to turn your blogging into a money-making enterprise. If so, targeted blogs tend to be more successful, particularly because of the higher success rate of advertising, such as Google AdWords. You might have one blog focused on the latest HD news and another on innovative marketing. This certainly isn't required to be successful, but when you are trying to build an audience, the focus can be helpful.

Most of us aren't blogging to make money, however. Most of us are sharing some of ourselves online to expand our relational world, learn from smart people, become better writers, and leave behind a little bit of our story. One blog, filled with all the diverse pieces that make us who we are, is perfect for this. My favorite blogs are a great mix of personal and professional - I love to learn from someone and about someone at the same time. Some readers may grow frustrated if they just want to read your reviews of the latest bands and you keep sharing your dating tips, but I tend to think of readers as friends more than anything else, and friends find value in everything about you, not just a small sliver.

Right now, I have this blog and the book blog. I would actually love to only have one, but the book blog seems like a necessary exemption to this rule. Stay with one for as long as you can, though - you will be happier, and your blog will be better for it.