Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

One Laptop Per Child

David Pogue has a great article and video on the XO laptop being introduced by the One Laptop Per Child organization. This group has been working for years to create a low cost, innovative, and incredibly durable laptop that could be used by children in the developing world. It looks like they've succeeded.

The truth is, the XO laptop, now in final testing, is absolutely amazing, and in my limited tests, a total kid magnet. Both the hardware and the software exhibit breakthrough after breakthrough — some of them not available on any other laptop, for $400 or $4,000.

The laptops cost approximately $200 and feature so many robust, terribly clever features that you'll have to read about it to get the full picture. The software itself is entirely open source and is written to encourage interaction and programming.

In order to guarantee a strong launch and as much attention as possible, the organization is making the laptop available to the more fortunate among us. Starting on November 12, you can purchase two laptops for $400, one for yourself and one to donate to a child in the developing world. This is a brilliant move that is sure to be successful. You can do a good deed and still be able to play with one of the most original pieces of technology in a long time. Learn more.