Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

One Way

There is a great conversation taking place on Terry wrote about Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point and how it relates to Fellowship Church, and churches in general. This provoked some critical comments and some interesting responses which are worth reading.

Or are they?

In all honesty, I don't know if they are. I would love to read a serious, honest, heartfelt conversation between those who believe and those who do not. Struggles, hurts, questions, frustrations, and disappointments matched with love, hope, and grace. That is a truly worthwhile conversation.

This is most assuredly not that conversation. This is simply the criticisms of believers by believers. Obviously there is a healthy place for debate, but the people who provoked this intense conversation are not friendly, curious, questioning or open-minded. They have come for one purpose, to judge and criticize what by nearly every measure has been an incredible move of God. The fact that fellow Christians would so freely attack other churches without humility is an unfortunate example to the many readers who are outside of the faith.

As I wrote a few months ago:

I think most outsiders would be surprised to discover how much fun churches have criticizing other churches. I've found over my brief four years in ministry that every church must battle against one thing constantly - arrogance. Most churches are clear on two things: the inerrant truth of scripture and, a close second, the inerrant method of presenting it.

There is only one Way, one Truth, and one Life. There are many ways to do church.