Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

One week of Family Reads

Thanks to everyone who has visited Family Reads following last week's launch! Since then, we've already added 12 posts to the site, including book organization tips for the new year, reviews by Ben and Lori of a wide range of books, links to over 15 of the best children's books of 2007, and our first edition of a weekly feature, Sunday Rest.

Family Reads: dependably delightful books for kids

We're having so much fun with the new site and would love to hear any comments and feedback you have. Also, we'd appreciate it if you could share the site with the busy parents in your life — you'll find a handy email link at the end of each post, as well as a page of Family Reads graphics you can share.

And finally, a quick word about those graphics. Believe it or not, every graphic you see on Family Reads, including our way cool icons and the logo, was created by my amazingly talented wife, Lori. For years, my constant refrain has been "Is there anything she can't do?". This is the girl who has made paper(!?) before. And candles. And truffles. And this in addition to her unbelievable professional skills in writing, marketing, and management.

Now that her skills have expanded to graphic design, I think the answer is officially "No!". Her bright, warm, and irresistibly cute graphics are my favorite part of the site. Just like her :)