Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Other things

In attempt to avoid the Blue Light Special feel of the blog over the last few days, here are a few other things that are going on in the world...

  • Terrific article on Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, on his run for president and how he plans to address his Mormon faith. In addition to the article, there is a four-minute audio interview and the text and audio of John F. Kennedy's noteworthy speech on his Catholicism. I love it when newspapers can provide historical context for a piece. Read the full article.
  • A sellout crowd of 64,462 saw the United States beat Mexico 2-0 in a soccer friendly last night. We watched the very entertaining match together as family, which was great fun. We've actually had the chance to see two US-Mexico matches in person, in Houston and Dallas, and is incredible. In fact, the experience in Houston radically altered how I experience baseball games, which suddenly seemed passionless and monotonous in comparison. Well, at least in Texas. Read the full article.
  • I love listening to Regina Spektor!