Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Feedburner, which hosts the weblog feed (RSS) for this site, recently added a chart to the stats page. The chart represents the overall percentage of each newsreader that is used to access Leave it Behind. Here's the breakdown:

19% Bloglines

16% Newsgator

16% Newsgator Online

14% SharpReader

11% NetNewsWire

07% RSS Bandit

17% Other

I'm not terribly surprised about Bloglines, but Newsgator's popularity, which could easily count as 32%, did catch me off guard. I also would have expected NetNewsWire to finish ahead of SharpReader. I'll be interested to see how these fluctuate over time.

One idea that has always interested me is whether Six Apart will build a newsreader into TypePad. I doubt it would be difficult to add a tab to the TypePad interface and allow the user to read and post from a single site. Of course, posting to your TypePad blog from TypeNews would only require a single click and no configuration if posting to your default weblog. I think a very large percentage of TypePad users would find that combination hard to resist.

Update: Here's the Feedburner post on the new chart with a screen shot. The speed increase they mention is real and a huge plus. I'm looking forward to the coming innovations.