Brian Bailey Preface to the Revised Edition

Relevant Leader essay published

My blogging essay for Relevant Leader has been published at last. You'll find it in the Summer 2007 issue under the title, How Blogging Can Become a Ministry.

The whole process was very interesting as it was my first experience writing for a magazine. The long lead time everyone talks about is definitely odd compared to blogging. I submitted the final version nearly 5 months ago - not quite the instant gratification you find online. Thankfully, I still agree with what I wrote!

Also, this was the first time my words were completely in the hands of someone else. When I wrote The Blogging Church, every single word was my own and the only changes were from an excellent copy editor. In fact, I even had some flexibility on whether or not to incorporate those. I had control over the organization, chapter titles, index, and everything in between. With Relevant, and I'm assuming most publications, I simply turned over the piece and the rest was in their hands. They chose the title and substantially edited the article, though they did not alter the tone or meaning.

For those of you who are curious about the financial side, Relevant Leader does not pay contributors. The general idea is that publication serves as exposure for the writer, particularly new authors whose books are also advertised in the same issue or actually included in their quarterly shipment (my book was neither). It's also considered a step toward writing for the more widely read Relevant Magazine, where writers are compensated. I've always been a fan of Relevant and greatly respect their unique audience, so it is an honor to be included.

If you'd like to read the original essay in its entirety, it's available online in four parts.